Forage Harvester

Forage Harvester 132

Product Details:
  • Model: RF132
  • Capacity: 1 Acres in One hour

Forage Harvester is used for harvesting every kind of green fodder and grass in order to feed the animals directly or for making silage. The free floating knives on the rotor are specially designed in order to prevent the damage to the machine when they hit a hard material like stones in the field. The rotating speed of the rotor and knives create the blow needed to blow the cut grass to the trailer. The height adjustment can be easily controlled by the spring controlled adjusting pin on the chassis. There is an automatic attachment between chassis and machine in order to connect the machine to the chassis easily by the driver of the tractor.

CHARACTERISTICS     RF 132                 
Length - Road Position (m)4,5
Length - Work Position(m)2,5
Height (m)3,15
Width (m)1,45
Working Width (m)1,3
Weight (kg)500
Capacity16 tons/hour
Chopping Length (mm)140
Needed Power (hp)45
PTO (rpm)540
Number of Knives21
Tyres2*(165X80 R13)
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